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Hearing Aid Compatible

Smart Phones
 Make  Model  Rating  Tier
   Apple    iPhone 5    M4 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 5C    M4 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 6    M3 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 6 Plus    M3 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 6S    M3 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 6S Plus    M3 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone SE    M3 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 7    M3 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 7 Plus    M3 / T4    A*
   Huawei    Ascend    M4 / T3    A*
   Kyocera    Brigadier    M4 / T3    A*
   LG    Lucid 2    M4 / T3    A*
   Motorola    Droid Mini    M3 / T3    A*
   Motorola    Droid Turbo    M4 / T3    A*
   Motorola    Droid Turbo 2    M4 / T4    A*
   Motorola    Razr HD    M3 / T4    A*
   Motorola    MAXX HD    M3 / T4    A*
   Samsung    S5    M3 / T3    A*
   Samsung    S6    M4 / T3    A*
   Samsung    S6 Edge    M4 / T3    A*
   Samsung    S7    M4 / T3    A*

Basic Phones
 Make  Model  Rating  Tier
   Samsung    Gusto III    M4 / T4    C
   Samsung    Convoy 3    M4 / T4    C

Past Phones
 Make  Model  Rating  Tier
   Apple    iPhone 4    M4 / T4    A*
   Apple    iPhone 4S    HAC Compatible    A*
   Blackberry    Bold 9650    M3    A*
   Casio    G'zOne Commmando    M4 / T4    A
   HTC    Droid Incredible 2    M4 / T4    A*
   HTC    Rhyme    M4 / T4    A*
   Kyocera    Mako    M4 / T4    C
   LG    Ally    M4 / T3    A*
   LG    Cosmos    M3 / T4    B
   LG    Cosmos Touch    M4 / T3    B
   LG    Enlighten    M4 / T4    A*
   LG    EnV3    M4    B
   LG    Lucid    M4 / T4    A*
   LG    Revere    M4 / T4    C
   LG    Revere 2    M4 / T4    C
   LG    Vortex    M4    A*
   Motorola    Barrage    M4 / T3    C
   Motorola    Droid X    M4 / T3    A*
   Motorola    Q9c    M3    B*
   Motorola    Rival    M3 / T3    B
   Motorola    W385    M4 / T4    C
   Samsung    Brightside    M4    B
   Samsung    Convoy 2    M4 / T4    C
   Samsung    Gusto II    M4 / T4    C
   Samsung    Haven    M4 / T4    C
   Samsung    Intensity II    M4    B
   Samsung    Intensity III    M4    B
   Samsung    I100 Gem    M4    A*
   Samsung    Knack    M4 / T4    C
   Samsung    Reality    M4 / T3    B

Explanation of HAC and Rating System
Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) for Wireless Devices Hearing aids do not always function well with wireless handsets. Hearing aids operate by using a microphone to pick up sound waves, converting the sound waves into electrical signals to be amplified. Distortion or amplification of unwanted sound (noise) often occurs. The FCC’s hearing aid compatibility requirements address hearing aids that operate in either of two modes – acoustic coupling ("M" rating) or inductive coupling ("T" rating). Hearing aids operating in acoustic coupling mode receive through a microphone and then amplify all sounds surrounding the user, including both desired sounds, such as a telephone’s audio signal, and unwanted ambient noise. Hearing aids operating in inductive coupling mode turn off the microphone to avoid amplifying unwanted ambient noise, instead using a telecoil to receive only audio signal-based magnetic fields generated by inductive coupling-capable telephones. The FCC’s "M" and "T" ratings are marked clearly on the handset packaging. The "M" or "T" rating does not guarantee that the handset will function without distortion or noise, so PTC Mobile recommends that you test the handset before purchasing. All handsets are available at the company’s retail outlets for testing. Agents can assist in testing and reviewing the features of each model.

Levels of Functionality
HAC-compliant phones are available at major price points which reflect levels of feature sophistication: lower priced phones (<$100) are most basic and denoted "C"; moderate-cost ($100-$250) have more advanced functionality and are denoted "B"; and high-end/feature-rich (>$250) generally are the most advanced, having wireless Internet capability and/or an operating system that supports advanced applications, denoted "A".



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